Fire Rated Windows

Fire Rated Safety Windows Sydney

Ausflam Fire Systems offers a variety of modern, architecturally designed fire rated windows that comply with Australian standards by achieving the appropriate fire resistant level.


A fire window is a passive fire protection system that is designed to prevent fire, smoke and heat by isolation and containment of a fire from one segment of a building to another with the benefits of our architectural designs that keep your buildings appearance either modern or heritage, as we will make your window to match your building.

All of our window frames are fully welded with a powder coated finish of your requirement, the windows are designed to provide a neat, impeccable appearance as all of our windows maintain our high standard of quality, and are manufactured to ensure they meet all fire standards in accordance with the BCA and NCC.

Non Insulated Fire Window Systems


These windows are ideally installed at external locations and provide an FRL of up to -/60/- .

These windows only provide a protection from the spread of fire, as the locations of these windows pose no risk of the flame spreading or injury to people due to intensive heat emission.

These windows must not be used in areas where there is human traffic such as fire escapes, or any location where people can be exposed to serious levels of heat radiation.

If you are in need of a fire rated window system for your building or have a questions about our fire rated windows, please do not hesitate to contact us & speak with a professional today!

Fire rated windows are essential for any building to ensure safety of people who live and work there. If a window breaks during a fire emergency, it allows a sudden burst of fresh air and oxygen into the building. Fire needs constant supply of oxygen to keep burning and the sudden burst of air often causes the fire to explode and burn more rapidly. Normal windows also allow the fire and fumes to spread quickly to other unaffected parts of the buildings. Commercial settings bear a greater risk of human fatalities due to fire, because of the high volume of human traffic inside the building. Fire safety measures must be checked regularly to ensure safety for your business.

And if you don’t have good fire safety windows installed, it is best to quickly contact a reputed fire protection system expert before an unexpected state of emergency arises at your place. In Sydney, you can rely on us for any fire protection system installation, as Ausflam Fire Systems is one of the most reputed and reliable fire protection system companies in the region. We offer a range of modern and architecturally designed fire protection windows that comply with Australian standards of appropriate fire resistance.

Our Fire Rated Safety Windows

All our fire window frames are specifically made and perfected to meet your requirements, in style. Our architecturally designed fire rated safety windows are also designed to match the looks of your building, rendering a flawless look of perfection to the entire infrastructure. We provide two types of fire rated safety windows, they are:

Non Insulated Fire Rated Safety Windows- Non insulated windows are designed only for protection against spread of fire and not against the smoke and heat. High levels of heat radiations and toxic fumes are highly dangerous and capable of claiming human lives. Thus, non insulated fire windows are ideal only for sections of buildings, where there is no human traffic.

Other Products and Services

Understanding the importance of fire safety, we believe in expanding our boundaries and providing various safety products and services to our customers. So, along with our fire rated windows, we also offer a range of other fire safety systems such as:

– Steel Doors and Frames
– Fire Doors and Solid Core Doors
– Sliding Fire Doors
– Inspections & Certificates

With this complete set of fire safety services, we make sure that there isn’t a single open access, for fire to spread and affect other parts of your building.

Why Choose Us?

Ausflam Fire Systems has over 25 years of experience in the fire protection industry. We offer every customer friendly service, ensuring high standards of quality and perfection on all or products. We also conduct annual fire safety inspections and provide compliance certification to ensure fire safety in the premises. If you require any of our services, including fire rated windows, in Sydney, simply give us a call on 02 9725 3561 and we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can also choose to contact us by submitting the  Online Contact Us Form and our expert will address your email and contact you as quickly as possible.

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