Fire Rated Doors Sydney

Ausflam Fire Systems is a company dedicated to Fire Protection Systems created in order to respond to the need of quality installations of fire resistant products.

Fire protection is of an utmost importance to any building, not only to prevent the rapid spread of a potential blazing fire, but to protect whoever may be within a close proximity accordingly.

Unfortunately, fire risks and fire hazards are very common today, this is why at Ausflam, our main focus is to “Ensure what you’ve earnt, does not get burnt”

As the old saying goes “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” at Ausflam, we proudly say “Where there’s Ausflam, there’s fire safety”.

At Ausflam Fire Systems, we manufacture and install a vast number of fire rated systems for commercial, industrial and residential use at the most competitive prices.

Today’s market is flush with portable fire safety products. Fire doors can be a confusing topic to most people, we at Ausflam Fire Systems, start right at the door, our aim to clear any confusion you have. We strive on enforcing safety measures that will potentially save lives and property with the life safety systems we offer you. Our Fire doors are used as a passive fire protection system should there be a fire or even smoke, making it a safe compartment between you and the fire, enabling you to safely remove yourself from the source of fire.

Basic Safety Requirement

Fire protection is the first safety requirement of any building; fire has a quick spreading time and with most materials at home and office being inflammable, a fire door protecting the rapid spread of fire is what the first focus should be on while installing doors.  We at Ausflam supply and install fire doors which are the best fire rated doors in Sydney and  meet the most stringent demands .Our fire doors  are made and tested to meet Australian Standards. Every fire door comes with a steel locking system, door closer & hinge reinforced plates.

Our solid core doors have a block board pine core, and we will finish it with a veneer of your choice. These doors are mostly useful as external doors, we have a wide range of solid core doors or we will custom make and install one for you for any project you are undergoing. Fire doors have two important functions if and when a fire breaks out:

– To contain the fire and smoke
– To allow easy escape from the building.

Almost like a ship with watertight doors, each department should be separated by a fire door. Public buildings should pay special attention to include the consideration of providing access and visibility requirements for wheelchair users.

Our fire safety product range

We cater to various customers and provide products and services for small commercial units, apartment buildings, shopping malls government and commercial centres. We can custom make a fire rated door to suit your personal specifications. Our fire doors will be custom made for your refined tastes, which will not be limited to veneer.  We use several materials giving you options like:

– Plywood
– Maple
– Laminex
– Polished stainless steel
– Steel and plenty more to choose from

All of our doors can be enhanced to look better with accessories added to them

An important component of a fire door installation is its door frame. It is therefore very important that all fire door frames are made and maintained with standard safety consideration. Most fire door frames are constructed of metal; the commonest problem would therefore be rust; as for the hinges, the most common problem would be a torn top corner, which would leave the door hanging.  All our fire rated doors and frames are manufactures to stringent quality standards and you do not have to deal with problems such as these.

Specialised Services

We pay attention to detail and aim to please; our company will custom makes and install a vast number of commercial and residential fire doors with door frames to match. We have been recognised as the best fire safety specialists among professionals and consumers in Sydney. Our employees are committed to providing fire protection to builders, architects and project managers in their small and large-scale projects. Call us on 02 9725 3561 or click here to contact us. We have the most completive prices for fire doors in Sydney and our fully trained specialists will be happy to guide you and answer any queries you have.