Sliding Fire Doors

Sliding Fire Doors

Sliding Fire door sets manufactured by Ausflam Fire Systems are incorporated of a counterweight & pulley system, along with the track in which the door slides in. The fire door leaf has a steel facing and can be made to achieve a fire rating level from 2 hours & 4 hours along with a certificate of compliance.


At Ausflam, our sliding fire doors can either be wall mounted or ceiling mounted, unidirectional or bidirectional, depending on the wall itself, our sliding fire doors are built with sustainability, integrity & precision.

Below is another one of Ausflam Fire Systems great work, The sliding fire door in the clip below is wall mounted and unfinished as we were testing the precision as it closes, when it comes to Fire Rated Sliding Doors, this clip without a doubt will convince you that Ausflam is the way to go.

When in need of a sliding fire door, there are diverse system’s we have in place, these systems include:

Electromagnetic System


When the building is in use, the door is manually opened and will be held in the open position with an electromagnet. In the unfortunate case of a fire, a smoke/heat detector will alert the fire panel which will cut the power from the electromagnet causing the door to slide shut from the counterweight & pulley systems that are in place, these doors can still slide open to pass through but will always shut automatically.

Fusible Link System


In the case where a fusible link system is to be installed to your sliding fire door, the door is commonly used for access & opened and closed manually giving you a choice to keep it open or shut at any time however if there is a fire, the fusible alloy in the link will melt at a specific temperature causing the door to close at any given position.

If you are in need of a sliding fire door set or have any questions about our sliding fire doors, please do not hesitate to contact us & speak with a professional today!

Safety from Fire is one of the most important factors in a building, not only to readily evacuate the people and pets inside the structure but to prevent the speed in which a fire sets everything ablaze. When you are choosing a sliding fire door, you should come to Ausflam; we are the top manufacturers of residential, commercial and industrial fire rated systems at the most competitive prices. In areas with high personnel frequency, these sliding fire doors are smoke tight and are additionally tested to meet Australian Standards AS1530.4 & AS1905.1.

The Fire Threat

They make rescue routes and safe escape for fast passage of pedestrians in case of fire. Smoke invariably is more life threatening than the fire itself; the toxic fumes are one of fires biggest threats, often even before the fire can get out of hand the confusion starts with the billowing of smoke. This is why sliding fire doors should be fitted; they prevent the smoke from filtering around the doors. Sliding fire doors should fulfil two functions:

– Prevent the spread of fire and smoke
– Create rescue routes by preventing the smoke from filtering in and around doors.

The Working

Therefore during a fire the first function of a sliding fire door is to give people in the building a chance to escape easily and unhindered. We manufacture sliding fire doors, these doors sets have been designed in such a way that they incorporate a counterweight and pulley system with a track on which the door slides. They will manually open and be held in such position with an electro magnet.

Should there be a fire; the smoke/heat detector installed will cut off the power from the electromagnet. This happens because, when the heat reaches a certain temperature the alloy in the link, melts. This will cause the door to slide shut from the counterweight and pulley systems. You can however still slide open the door to pass through, although it will always shut automatically.

Different Mounting Systems

Our sliding fire doors are installed with an electromagnetic system and can either be wall mounted or mounted on the ceiling, depending on the wall itself that it has to be mounted upon. They are built with precision, integrity and sustainability. These doors have a steel facing and can achieve a fire rating level between 2 and 4 hours. The doors are available in single slide or centre parting in manual or motor operated configuration.

We are highly experienced in fire protection, and pride ourselves on being one of the leading companies in the fire protection industry. Our employees are committed in providing you with the best customer service and excellent craftsmanship with quality products at all times.  We enforce safety measures and guarantee that our sliding fire doors will save lives and property, as is with all life safety products that we produce.

The Expert Company

Ausflam Fire Systems has been operating in Australia for the last 30 years; you can rely on us to provide products and services that are top-of-the-line. If you are in need of a sliding fire door set or have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us via this form. You can also call on 02 9725 356 and speak with one of our experts today! Ask us any questions regarding our sliding fire doors and any technical terminology will be clearly explained should you be in doubt. We strive to be the best in consumer service and work with honesty and professionalism as we wish to continue to be second to none in the business of sliding fire doors.