Steel Doors Frames

Fire Rated Steel Door Frames

Here at Ausflam Fire Systems, we have a variety of non-fire rated door frames & fire rated door frames that can be ordered & manufactured customised to suit your requirements

Ausflam’s architectural metal pressed door frames are fashioned to a high standard where warping, shrinkage & twists are uncommon, complete with all necessary accessories to suit your fixing method & simple to install.

Our door frames can be made to fit onto various walls such as:

– Plaster board walls with timber or steel studwork complete with stud clip fixings
– Brick walls complete with wire ties
– Block work complete with block ties
– Retro fitted to existing walls complete with dimple provision and anchored with dyna bolts.

Our Product Range

Our product range of steel door frames, whether they are non fire rated or fire rated are available in different finishes and styles.

Different finishes include
– Zinc Annel Sheets
– Galvanised Sheets
– Polished Stainless Steel

Different styles include:
– Single Rebated
– Double Rebated
– Shadow Lined Surrounds

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In case of a fire, non-fire rated door frames can lead to spread of fire and fumes onto unaffected areas of the building. When a window or door breaks open during a fire emergency, it allows constant flow of air and smoke to other parts of the building. Fire also spreads rapidly and transforms itself into an aggressive class, when fuelled with a sufficient amount of air. Due to these dangers, fire rated doors, windows and frames are very important for any commercial or domestic setting; they ensure safety for all the people working and living within the building.

At Ausflam Fire Systems, we provide a wide range of fire protection systems, maintaining highest standards of quality and customer service. Our fire rated door frames and other fire protection services are all specially designed to match the styling and structure of your building. Along with style and perfection, we ensure maximum fire safety complying with The Building code of Australia for appropriate fire resistance.

Our Fire Safety Door Frames

We offer a wide range of fire rated door frames that are very easy to install and can be made to suit different installation methods. The frames are customised according to your requirements so that they fit perfectly on any wall. We also offer a range of styles and finishes in our fire rated steel door frames to offer maximum fire resistance along with uncompromised looks to your building. The different styles include:

– Single Rebated
– Double Rebated
– Shadow lined surrounds
– Different finishes include:
– Zinc Annel Sheets
– Galvanises Sheets
– Polished Stainless Steel

Customised Products

As mentioned, we can customise our fire door frames according to your requirements, ensuring that you get the best of what you require. Our steel door frames can be made to suit different stages and types of walls like:

– Brick walls complete with ties
– Block work complete with block ties
– Retro fitting on existing walls using dyna bolts and complete with dimple provision.

In case you require a non-fire rated frame, you can completely rely on us for that as well. We offer all the above mentioned options, features and customisations on our non-fire rated frames too.  Along with highest quality of fire door frames, we also have a range of other fire rated products and services to meet various customer requirements in the field of fire protections systems.

Other Products & Services

We provide passive fire safety systems that meet the customer requirements and Australian standards of appropriate fire resistance.  Our products and services include:

– Fire Doors and Solid Core Doors
– Sliding Fire Doors
– Inspections & Certificates
– Fire Rated Windows

All our products have wide ranges of options for customers to choose from. From solid core doors to fire rated windows, every product we offer is customisable according to your specific requirements. Along with that we also offer annual fire inspections and certification to check the condition of passive fire safety in your building. The inspections and other services are all carried out by qualified professionals meeting applicable Australian standards of operation.

Why Choose Us?

At Ausflam Fire Systems, we offer the highest possible standards of quality and reliability, along with very interactive and friendly customer service. We are highly trained professionals with over 25 years of experience in providing stylish and durable passive fire protection systems to both commercial and residential requirements.

So, whenever you require fire rated door frames or any of our other services, feel free to call us on 02 9725 3561 and we’ll be glad to be at your service. You can also choose to contact us through the  Online Contact Us Form and our expert will contact you in shortest possible time.