Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection services are very essential for any infrastructure, to ensure safety of the people either living or working inside the building. Commercial or residential, every building is vulnerable to fire emergencies due to the range of flammable substances we use every day. However, most residential and commercial fires arise due to electrical system failures like short circuits. Apparently there is no way to completely prevent a fire emergency from occurring. Therefore, it’s always best to take as many safety measures as possible, to safeguard human lives and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible.

Passive fire protection services are also equally important as they prevent the fire from spreading onto other parts of the infrastructure. Fire rated windows and doors make sure that the smoke and fire don’t spread rapidly giving valuable extra time to professionals trying to rescue people and extinguish the flames. At Ausflam Fire Systems, we provide a wide range of passive fire protection services that meet all applicable Australian standards of fire resistance. Our fire protection services are carried out in three systematic steps that enable us to provide very customer friendly service:

Product Installation

As soon as we receive your call, the products are specifically designed according to your requirements. All the products we offer are customisable and are made especially to meet your specifications; they are also made to match the looks of your building, providing an impeccable finish along with approved standards of fire resistance. Our range of products and installations include:

– Steel Door Frames Installations
– Fire Doors & Solid Core Doors
– Sliding Fire Doors
– Fire Rated windows

Inspections and Certifications

All our fire protection services come with a certificate of compliance than can help in getting your building certified through the local council. We also offer annual inspections on all our installed fire rated products to ensure maximum safety. The inspections are handled by highly qualified professionals as we meet all applicable Australian standards for inspections and certifications as well. We recommend that you establish regular inspection cycles with us, so that we can check the fire protection systems at regular time intervals and make sure that all our products are up and running and in good shape. We offer inspection and certification services for any commercial or residential setting.

Repairs and Replacements

Finally if any damages or malfunctioning is spotted during the inspections, we take special care that the product is either replaced or repaired as quickly as possible. During the inspection, every detail of the product is checked to determine whether it still meets the fire resistance requirements set by the BCA. If any damage is spotted, we also replace the damaged component so that the product can be offered certification of compliance after the inspection.

We clearly understand various requirements and deliver with good quality customised products so that you never have to hesitate while choosing us or before recommending us to someone you know. With this systematic approach, we carry out our fire protection system providing highest attainable standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

At Ausflam Fire Systems, we clearly understand that the fire protection services are meant to save lives and quality cannot be compromised. We dedicate ourselves completely in producing the best fire resistant passive protection systems to ensure a safe atmosphere for our customers. While choosing us, you have nothing to worry about as we have over 25 years of experience in the field of fire safety.  If you are looking for any of our products or simply require an inspection done on passive fire safety systems, give us a call on 02 9725 3561 and we’ll be at your service straight away. You can also connect with us through the  Online Contact Us Form and we will revert as quickly as possible.