Why Should You Have Fire Doors

Why Should You Have Fire Doors

Before we talk about why you should have fire doors, it’s important to understand what fire doors are. These doors have 2 very important functions- when they’re closed; they either stop or delay the spread of fire. Also, when they’re open, they become a very safe means of escape. These doors are also used to compartmentalise buildings as they close automatically in case there is an outbreak of fire.  Since the compartments are also linked by these doors, they tend to create a much safer traffic flow to the emergency exits.

When smoke spreads, it is far greater threat than flames, to human life. This is especially true in the case when the fire is in its early stages. Today, most commercial establishments and buildings consider getting fire doors installed on their property and these are being used by residential property owners too.

Where should fire doors be fit?

Let’s take a look at which places its best to install fire doors:

  • An internal garage door that leads into a house with 2 stores, has to be a fire  door
  • Any renovated space or new build that has 2 storeys should have fire rated doors on their 3rd In some instances, these should be on the landing as well.
  • The cupboards or en-suites aren’t required to have these doors unless they have gas or electrical services
  • In case of commercial premises, fire doors will have to be fitted along the fire escape route

When you are getting fire doors fitted, it’s important you opt for certified products.  The fire door also has to be fitted as per the test evidence- this includes the ironmongery and the seals- the door supplier supplies these as well.

There are a number of fire door designs; just as it’s important to buy doors that are certified and manufactured by a credible brand, it’s equally important to buy ones that are aesthetically appealing. These doors are available in a range of styles and designs and we can provide you with ones that match your requirement.

Customised solutions

We are the experts who go out of our way to provide you the kind of solutions you need and focus on providing customised solutions.  When you come to us with your requirement, we first understand what your ideas are and the budget you are working on; we then provide solutions that are in-line with those requirements. We are the experts who work in a very concerted manner, use the best products and ensure you are 100% satisfied with the services we have provided you.

We serve commercial and residential customers and handle projects of every scale.  If you are looking for high-grade fire doors, Aus Flam is the company to call.  For more information, call 02 9725 3561. Alternatively, you can use this Online Contact Us Form to connect with us. One of our fire door experts will revert within a very short time.

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